Wyatt Kelly

Wyatt grew up in Fort McMurray, AB where I played majority of my minor hockey career. He moved to Kelowna, BC in midget to better my exposure in the hockey world. After my second year of midget I decided to play in the Kootney International Junior Hockey League for the Summerland Steam. I Learned a lot from the high level coaching I was fortunate enough to receive throughout the 18 years of my hockey career. I am beyond excited to transfer what I learned throughout my career plus the training and coaching from Aaron to my coaching sessions for AKHockey. There is no better feeling then helping players get smarter and faster on the ice and that is what I strive to do!

Wyatt is fully certified at Level 6 and has been training alongside Aaron for the past 3 years on the ice and skatemill in both Kelowna, BC and Scottsdale, AZ.