Challenge your transitions and first few steps and compare your scores with players of all ages and skill levels including NHLers around the globe.  This event will help players understand which method of turning and exit of turn is most effective for their position and game situations. Swift Performance state of the art patented technology will be used to time players speed, depth of transitions, and first few steps. 


As part of the CCM sponsorship, the hardest worker from each camp will receive free CCM Skates and Stick.

1 Day Camp: High Performance Transitions and Speed Testing

2 Day Camp: Day 1, High Performance Transitions and Speed Testing. Day 2, Transitions and first few steps development (with and without a puck)

3-5 Day Camps: Option to add additional days for further on ice skating and skills development

Testing and Training Development will include:

  • Linear speed
  • Stopping & starting
  • Turns & pivots
  • Multi directional first few steps
  • Video analysis upgrade (analyzed by certified AKHockey Coaches)
  • Times and player scores will be provided to parents following the camp via email

Inquire using the form below to bring a CCM Speed Combine to an area near you! This camp is available to all players, teams, and associations.

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