Kelowna Skatemill


Our AKHockey Skatemill operates on the basis of a conveyer belt (similar to a treadmill), and allows players to skate at different speeds while being coached one on one. We have a developed 25 phases & 250+ drills, in-progression Skatemill program. While using the Skatemill, the sessions are recorded which allows our coaches to immediately carry out an analysis of the players skating, overall movement, correct bad habits and inefficiencies making our program completely customizable and optimized for each skater.

Our Skatemill program was designed to compliment AKHockey’s on ice programs. The continuity between our on ice program and Skatemill program, produces immediate results and long term retention. Players will be trained one on one focusing on extending and refining their forward and backwards 3rd, 2nd and 1st gear strides with and without the puck at full speed! Players will also have the option to request a specific area of their game they want to improve on while training on our world’s largest and fastest Skatemill such as shooting & stickhandling in the stride, pivoting from backwards to forwards or simply overall conditioning skates.

The Skatemill is an ideal training tool for kids as well as experienced professionals, who are looking to easily and quickly improve their overall performance, skating technique, speed development, reflective power, endurance, and dynamics.  AKHockey gets players FASTER and SMARTER.


—> One on one training with an AKHockey Certified Coach

—> Build good habits and long term retention 5-10x faster then on the ice

—> Proven step by step curriculum that will get you skating FASTER and SMARTER 

—>  Notes are kept on each individual player to allow for consistent coaching during future sessions

—>  Book and train with one or two of your best hockey buddies  

—>  Private sessions available – email