Nicole Movold

I can not say enough about Coach Aaron and his team at AK Hockey. From registration to the last day of camp the whole process went incredibly smooth. As a first time hockey camp parent I really appreciated that. My youngest (5) had a really hard time coming out of his shell but Coach Aaron had a 5 minute one on one with my son and he and his team of instructors handled the situation perfectly with kindness and patience. By the end of camp my son was sad it was over. We also added skatemill sessions with Coach John to our camp package and I’m so glad we did. No word of a lie I saw improvements in both my children’s skating the next day! They were getting into their proper positions and using the proper arm movements. I was blown away. Plus Coach John is amazing with children always encouraging them and praising their efforts. This is the first camp we’ve sent our children too and we will be sending them to AK Hockey for as long as we can. It was such great experience for all of us! So thank you, AK Hockey, from our family to yours!