Team Training Jr/Pro

Team On-Ice Skating Sessions


Contact us if your team or association would like to book Aaron to run one or more of your on-ice practices.

Below are some specific skating techniques Aaron has worked on with some current and past teams:

1) Posterior, anterior and lateral balance and edge control.
2) First 3 steps in multi-directions, with and without the puck.
3) Laterall power and quickness, with and without the puck.
4) Tight turns and pivots followed by an efficient first few cross-overs, with and without the puck.
5) Glide turns and pivots that maintain and gain speed followed by an efficient first few cross-overs, with and without the puck.

NOTE: Aaron highly recommends all coaches associated with the team attend these sessions so they can reinforce proper technique and assist him in correcting ineffective tendencies.


Jr/Pro Option 1

Aaron works with players selected by the coach before and/or after practice. This option allows the coaching staff to run their normal practice without having to build a practice plan that includes Aaron. Teams that have chosen this option in the past have had Aaron attend the practice assisting the coaches and players skating needs during any given time the coaching staff desires. This option works well if there are only a few players that need significant work on their skating.

Jr/Pro Option 2

Aaron works with a selected group during the entire, or partial scheduled practice time. For example, while coaches are working with the forwards in one area of the ice Aaron will be working with the defencemen or forwards on another area of the ice. In the past coaches have used Aaron from ringette line to goal line, blue line to goal line, redline to goalie, blue line to blue line (neutral zone) and also the redline or a circle only. Aaron does not need alot of room when he is working with a group of 6 to 12.

Jr/Pro Option 3

Option 3 is a combination of option 1 and 2. For example, Aaron will work with selected players before practice then work with those players or a new group of players for a portion or entire practice. The coach can designate any of the areas listed above to rotate his players through Aaron’s skating specific station.This is using Aaron’s time in a more effective way then option 1 and 2. Some coach’s have also had Aaron stay after practice to continue to work with those that needed extra work or to veiw video of themselves.

Jr/Pro Option 4

Aaron will work with your entire team for the first 15 to 20 minutes from the goal line to far blue line while the goalie’s work with a goalie coach or other coach’s. We then split the team into 2 groups. Aaron will work with group 1 while the team’s coaches work with group 2 and then switch after 20 minutes. This allows the goalie’s to stay active while the coaches can work on special teams or forwards/defencemen only. In return Aaron has a chance to work closer with each individual and also focus on more specific movements, such as defencemen closing the gap and maximizing their first few steps speed and efficiency.

Jr/Pro Option 5

Aaron will run your entire practice with your full team. A coach or goalie coach is reccomended to assist Aaron in working with the goalies if they are attending practice. If your team does not have a full time goalie coach and would like us to provide a professional goalie coach for our session please send us that request.